About Us

Hello Everyone! Here is short introduction of our company “Kokan Gem”- It all started in the year 2017, our main moto and aim was to provide quality natural products from Konkan to the end customer who love all the Konkan products since ages. The other aim was youth upliftment and rural development in the parts of Sindhudurg. We started off with our first product ‘Kokam Syrup” which was produced from the Kokam fruit which available in abundance in the Malvan area of Sindhdurg. The Kokam syrup was a hit in the first year. People liked it very much as it prepared from natural Kokam fruit extract. We don’t use any synthetic flavours or any preservatives. The product has a natural taste which why it was in Demand. Further we added few more products like “Kairi Panha” or “Aam Panna” and Ginger Lemon Syrup. These are also prepared with natural fruit pulp and acceptable preservatives. For this project we are associated with “Sindhudurg Jilha Oudyogic Utpadak Sangh” a 30 year old institution working for the rural development and Youth upliftment. With the help of the institution we provide training in food processing, they complete certified courses by the Sangh. We give job work of our fruit juices to these trained youths, who work in the Sanga Factory. We have established processors for the processing of the various Juices. The juices are tested and certified by the FSSAI approved labs. The process are developed for processing the material with utmost care and maintaining the hygiene. As we were getting established, we started adding some more products to our basket. For this we constructed an 8000 square foot Factory at Humras in Sindhudurg. The new product range with no artificial or synthetic preservatives added are Cashews (Kokan gem goa Cashew), Fruit bars like Mango, Cashew, Mango Poli a authentic food item in Konkan region, Authentic Flours from Konkan region like Ghavan Pith, Amboli Pith, Thalipith basically breakfast items. Currently we have 50 dedicated employees who helps us to grow. Apart from this we also give work to local households like cashew sorting and grading, kokam grading etc. As our business is growing many local suppliers also are getting associated with us. We are really glad that they part of our growth journey. We have our head office at Bandra Mumbai. The sales and marketing is handled from HO. We are supplying our products in states like Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Delhi.